Top Resources for October 2019

October 15, 2019

Here is the list of top resources and articles that Simmons & Associates, LLC. is reading.

Security Resources:

For Business Continuity, Accept the Unexpected
Security Management Magazine August 2019 Issue
It is one thing to expect the unexpected. It is quite another to accept the unexpected. Denial is a powerful thing, and even the best of us can be convinced that our plans are comprehensive and our preparedness complete. (More)

More Than 60 Percent of Spam Activities Originate from U.S., Russia, Ukraine: Data61
A new report from CSIRO's Data61 finds that 60 percent of all spam activities between 2007 and 2017 originated from the United States, Russia, and Ukraine. The FinalBlacklist report, announced at Data61+ Live on Wednesday, examined 51.6 million malicious online activity reports and 662,000 unique IP addresses worldwide. Researchers used machine learning techniques to categorize the activities into six classes: malware, phishing, fraudulent services, potentially unwanted programs, exploits, and spamming. Among other findings, the report finds that 60 percent of all spam activities between 2007 and 2017 originated from the United States, Russia, and Ukraine, while the top three networks associated with the hardest-to-remove class of threats originated from China. One cloud server hosted by Amazon was found to be "the most repeated offender," with high volumes of exploits that attackers would routinely use. The report also finds that malicious activity has been increasing in volume over the last decade. For example, phishing has grown rapidly since it began to emerge in 2009, coming to represent almost 30 percent of all malicious activity in 2017. The FinalBlacklist report will be made publicly available to further research and help cybersecurity professionals predict future threats. (More)

Leadership Resources:

The root causes of organizational politics and how to overcome them
Patrick Lencioni has coached and observed thousands of CEOs and Fortune 500 management teams. And in his work as the president of management consulting firm, The Table Group, he said he saw very clear patterns in the behavioral tendencies that constituted for the majority of team breakdowns. So clear, he wrote a 229-page book about it. (More)

How to Delegate for Perfect Results Every Time
To scale yourself, you need to delegate your work to others. But delegating tasks isn’t as easy as it sounds. No matter how hard you try, the results often don’t meet your expectation. It’s frustrating, and it can feel like a waste of time. (More)

Additional Resources

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