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Maximize Budget and Resources

You don't want to cut corners when it comes to security, but you still have a budget to maintain. We'll help you make sure you aren't wasting dollars by advising you on the best use of your resources.

Minimize Risk Through Top Talent

Having the right people on the job impacts everything. We deploy highly trained and skilled industry professionals and specialized subject matter experts ensuring the highest level of operational integrity and excellence.

Maintain Trust with Open Communications

Through effective and transparent communication, we avoid potential operational risks and delays, as well as ineffective use of resources. Keeping you informed is our #1 priority.

How it works

After you schedule a call, or upon being awarded a contract, we ensure the process will be smooth from start to finish:



FIRST we nail down the most effective solutions for your operations to ensure a successful engagement.



NEXT we implement and monitor all operations ensuring everything runs smoothly and successfully.



LAST our comprehensive communication helps preserve your confidence and trust.

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Building trust is how we deliver peace of mind--the number one thing you deserve.

Why work with Simmons & Associates?


Isaac Simmons

"Security is important. But people are even more important. They are the key to a successful operation."

  • Consulting in Corporate and private sector security with the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration, and the Telecommunications Industry.
  • 8 years service in the U.S. Army.
  • 8 years in Protective Force Services Special Response Team at Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge, TN.
  • 3 years overseeing the security operations as Major at K-25, Oak Ridge, TN.
  • Protective Force Services Manager at Idaho National Laboratories. Idaho Falls, ID.
  • Sub Chair for the EFCOG Safeguards & Security Working Group, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID.
  • Public Safety Software Implementation Consultant for Securus Technologies, Dallas, TX.

Private security firms waste a ton of money because of employee turnover. This creates wasted time, money, and resources. And more importantly it lowers the level of security reliability you desire and need.

You want to be able to trust a security service that not only can fulfill the details of the mission, but can also lead a consistent and high performing team.

It's hard to trust a security service that isn't able to keep top talent. This is why we believe, above all else, the people in the organization are the #1 priority.

Our history and background uniquely position Simmons & Associates, LLC. as the best option for your security needs.

We've held every position in security, from manning the post, to running patrols. We've created the policies, procedures, and regulations. And we've run the whole show. We know how all the parts play together to orchestrate security you can trust.

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Getting a low budget option isn't worth the operational risks, delays, and misuse of resources. Schedule a call with us today.

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